Loebner Prize Contest 2003 'Can machines think?' - Alan Turing, 1950


The Loebner Prize Contest


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Before the Contest

There were ten identical terminals for the judges ...

... each connected by an Ethernet cable ...

... to an adjacent room, which housed the host machines.

Some of the contestants brought their entries on laptops ...

... including Mark Connell (with other host machines in the background). "Ping ... hmm!"

The two confederates, Jonathan Deane and Madeleine Price, enjoy their elevenses (a very human activity)

The judges and guests were provided with a sit-down dining room ...

... while the contestants and confederates had lunch in a different room, to avoid influencing the judges

The judges and guests fortify themselves with food and drink

Dr Hugh Loebner opens a bottle of wine while Professor Kurshid Ahmed looks on

Shane Chang, Kurshid Ahmed, Hugh Loebner and Yorick Wilks discuss chatterbots

During the Contest

Pictures of the judges' conversations were relayed via a video camera ...

... to a large plasma screen ...

... which the audience watched intently

NEW: Some of the responses made them laugh

NEW: David Hamill explains what's going on...

NEW: ... and tells the audience a bit about chatterbots

Judging in progress

Judging in progress

Judging in progress

Judging in progress

Judging in progress

Caroline Martin makes sure the judges don't get dehydrated during their ordeal

Standing room only for some of the audience

The audience

The audience

Behind the scenes, the confederates get down to work ...

... while computer technician Nick Jenkins keeps an eye on all the backroom equipment

Some of the judges suspected the confederates were computers!

NEW: Meanwhile, Hugh Loebner discusses his prize

After the Contest

The results were entered on a spreadsheet and relayed to the audience in real time

The winning entry, Jabberwock (centre), surrounded by his new found friends

From left: Vladimir Veselov and Rollo Carpenter (joint third), Jabberwock (winner) appearing on Terminal C, and Fred Roberts (second). The winner, Juergen Pirner, was unable to attend the contest.

The party's over, and it's time to pack up all the equipment


NEW: Hugh Loebner

Caroline Martin who helped with the administration

Ciaran Ryan (left) with David Hamill, responsible for the technical side of the contest

Ciaran Ryan (left) expounds his AI theories to graduate students from Denmark

The contest was filmed by a crew from New York, as part of a planned series on AI

Fred Roberts, finalist (Elbot)

John Precedo, final round reservist (Alex)

Lynne Hamill (Executive Director, Digital World Research Centre) and husband David Hamill (responsible for the technical side of the contest)

Mark Connell, finalist (Markbot)

Vladimir Veselov, finalist (Eugene Goostmann)

Shane Chang of Honda flew all the way from California to attend the contest

Rollo Carpenter, finalist (Jabberwacky)