Loebner Prize Contest 2003 'Can machines think?' - Alan Turing, 1950


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Sponsors and Affiliates

UniSdirect — University of Surrey-based research and enterprise coordinator (sponsor)

Interwoven — leading provider of enterprise content management (sponsor)

Human-Computer Interaction Group of the British Computer Society — a forum for the field of HCI and usability (affiliate)

Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence of the British Computer Society — for developers and users of AI technology (affiliate)

2003 Contest Organisation

Digital World Research Centre — hosting the 2003 Contest at UniS

University of Surrey — UniS homepage

Maybot Ltd — technical assistance for the 2003 Contest

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies — Contest organisers

Hugh Loebner — initiator of the Contest and prize donor

Winning Entries 1998-2003

Jabberwock — Juergen Pirner's winner of the 2003 Contest

Ella — Kevin Copple's winner of the 2002 Contest

ALICE — Rich Wallace's winner of the 2000 and 2001 Contests

Albert One — Robby Garner's winner of the 1998 and 1999 Contests

Other Sites of Interest

Alan Turing — originator of the Turing test

Text of Turing's 1950 paper — the seminal paper proposing the Turing test

Turing test page — all about the test, lots of links

AI Forum — artificial intelligence discussion board

AI (the movie) — Steven Spielberg's AI film website

Chat to Maybelle — Maybot's online personality

The Simon Laven Page — comprehensive chatterbot portal site

BotSpot — another chatterbot portal